Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Dip Into Digital

We had another milestone birthday in our family, so it was time to use PTIs  By the Number stamp set again.

I haven't been stamping much lately. In fact, last month's PTI purchased stamps haven't seen ink.
I've been busy dipping into the world of digital scrapbooking.  I have many old family photographs,and for quite awhile  I have been considering creating some scrapbook pages with them. I started a course at Jessica Sprague a year ago but never got far with it. Then I started it again this year and have really enjoyed learning how to use Photoshop Elements and how to create digital scrapbook pages. This page features my sister several decades ago. :)

I have also been inspired by Rhonda's digital Project Life . Thanks,Rhonda. After explaining  Project Life and my consideration of starting this project to my husband, he responded very enthusiastically. While I enjoy making cards and other paper projects, I like the idea of starting Project Life. I know it may seem odd to some that I would  do this not having any children to pass these photo journals to, but I if Ed and I can enjoy them now and later then that is a good reason for me. When I showed these first completed pages to him, he seemed sincerely pleased that I had done them. It made my heart happy that I could this for us. In addition,  I enjoy the creative process and  I am learning new skills that will help keep the brain cells active. :)

I have long believed it is the little things that make life wonderful. I am always saying, "oh this is a special moment". So I am excited to record the little things and special moments of our lives.

Stamps:Big Birthday Wishes(PTI),Banner Stamps (Pink Persimmon)
Ink:Ocean Tides(PTI)
Other:Super Star Border, By the Number, Buttoned Up #1 dies; rustic twine (PTI)
Scrapbook Page:
Victoria Paper Collection (Adrienne Looman)
Victoria Elements (Adrienne Looman)
Photoshop Brush & PNG files:Doilies (Adrienne Looman)
Photocuts Masks 7 (Carina Gardner)
Project Life Pages:
Photo FreedomVol. 1 (Echo Park)
Life Cards 3x4 Brush and PNG (Lori Whitlock)
Jessica Sprague Now We're Rocking Lesson 3
Antique Flair Buttons (Polka Dot Pixels)

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  1. These are beautiful pages Cammie! I so agree with you it is the little moments in life that are truly wonderful! I don't know much about project life,except that I think it takes a lot of time. Take care.


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