Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flashing Mouse

I guess it really is time to seriously start the holiday planning. I love making lists and checking off items.
These are holiday planners that I am going to give my female guests on Thanksgiving. This will be especially perfect for our niece who after dinner likes to go through the all the ads from the newspaper and plan her shopping for the weekend. Do you shop on Black Friday? While I love a sale and bargains, I rarely shop the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'm not into shopping with crowds. So I think I'll be home decorating for Christmas.

Now about today's post title.

One of the benefits of living in a log house is never having to worry that your house is so air tight that harmful gases will be trapped inside. Ha! Ha! Even though we have caulked and filled in gaps with insulation and foam, there are still small openings for fresh air and critters to enter our house. So it is not uncommon for little mice to visit us. A good sign before the obvious tell-tale signs is our cats will start to hang out in the kitchen and want to check out the cabinet under the sink. Last week our uninvited guest had visited a drawer in the kitchen. I have my HRT, for you youngsters, hormone replacement, stored in a tray in the drawer. It is packaged in the bubble format with foil. Well, as I prepared to pop my pill from the pack, I noticed the plastic on one of the pills was open and on closer inspection noticed part of the pill was missing. Then I noticed another and another and another and another. That little mouse had nibbled on about 10 pills. (On my last doctor's visit, my doctor had mentioned I might want to try taking hormones every other day, so I decided this was the month to go every other day.I couldn't imagine telling the pharmacist that a mouse ate my Prempro.) I hope the little mouse's hot flashes were less severe right up to the point where she sprung the trap two days later. Poor little mousie.


  1. Oh my goodness! Your little mouse story has me giggling!! What a choice for the mouse to nibble. :>

    Your Holiday Planners will come in handy for your family this year. They are fun and festive! I am sooo not into holiday crowds and shopping either. I usually have all of my holiday gift shopping done by November, but unfortunately, this year, I am running behind and just might have to brave a tad of those crowds. Wish me luck!! :>

    Thanks so much for your visit and kind words. I'm glad you did come by so that I could come visit you! :>

  2. LOVE the note pads!! and that mouse story was funny.. hee hee!!

  3. Very beautiful notepads!! love it..

  4. Your planners are beautiful, and what a thoughtful gift for your Thanksgiving guests! As for the mouse, I am TERRIFIED of mice, so I don't have a lot of empathy for the little critter lol!

  5. ROFL! Oh the thought of a little mouse stealing HRT pills has me in stitches! I hope you got some more OK!?
    Now can I be a guest for your Thanksgiving please? These planners are GORGEOUS!
    We don't have Black Friday but it sounds a little too busy for me! I like my personal space when shopping!

  6. Love the the mouse story! Great idea for making notepads to give as Thanksgiving gifts! Since I'm currently addicted to making notepads, I may just have to whip some up for family today. Thanks for the inspiration...and giggles this morning!

  7. TFS the mouse story - I've got a smile on my face to start the morning! Love your notepads and what a thoughtful gift to share with your guests!

  8. Beautiful notepads! Your mouse story is too funny! It sounds so lovely to live in a log house--uninvited critters and all!

  9. I love your mouse story! We have a similar situation (although no HRT pills!) and we can always tell when we have a visitor from our cats too. Thanks for sharing your notebooks and your story! :)


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